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Sheet cutter / SCM series

High performance compact cutter.
Cutting a wide range of tube work, such as electrical wire can be not only the sheet.
Model selection to match the cutting width of your choice.
Smooth blade exchange without troublesome clearance adjustments.
At low cost, light weight, space saving.

 Maximum material width:100mm、300mm
 Cutting method:Spring Shah, press-cutting  
 Stand type of wide support
 Lineup up to 1400mm width from 350mm
 There is also a type (using optimal gap Shah method)
 for things that need to cut power and cut a thin
 copper foil.
 Maximum material width:350-1400mm
 Cutting method:Spring shah, Gap shah  
 In all models, we have many options for SFC sensor cut
 functions, etc.
 For more information, please refer to the catalog.

Sheet cutter / SCM series catalog Download, click here.


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