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Press a camera image processing / IPA series

The impact on the touch panel industry!!
Work piece referenced to the target before punching, made in the direction of alignment XYθ, extremely high accuracy achieved.
The camera position can be any setting, and supports the diagonal, vertical and horizontal position of the mark.
Equipped with a standard QDC,  the half cut and punch of the mold die, pinnacle die, wodden die and sculpture die can also be applied at the same time.
The enhanced test mode and intermittent alignment software achieves a shorter cycle time.

 Thrust force:5-10ton
 Maximum material width:220mm(IPA-5000SVE)、
 Die:Metal die/Sculpture die/Pinnacle die/Wooden die
 The sizing feed,/The feed by sensor
 We have many other options.
 For more information, please refer to the catalog. 

Press with camera image processing / IPA series catalog Download, click here


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