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We offer a full maintenance program, which is important to keep the equipment in best working condition, after the introduction of the machinery.
We provide optimum support for customization of equipment such as change from day to day according to market conditions.

●Strict diagnostics by qualified and  experienced personnel.

●Absolutely will not miss any small abnormalities.

●Our implementation of the designated periodic inspection and maintenance as preventive maintenance equipment package
●If there is the abnormality, then a quick dispatch of experienced service personnel.

●You can satisfaction by rapid repair measures.

●We will work, by the description of the diagnostic results, until you are satisfied.

●Depending on the needs of our customers, we can also help with the total maintenance of our products other than the press.   


Specific voluntary inspection

Power press machine must be made to conduct voluntary inspections on a regular basis by the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
We conduct Inspections with experienced, qualified personnel and offer the best support from the standpoint of the manufacturer.
Please contact us if there is anything you you wish to know about our press.



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