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【Working toward a company that can contribute to society】
We are working day and night toward reforming the technology of our industry, in order to contribute to labor-saving automated production plants that support a variety of fields such as electronics, medicine, semiconductors and energy. We offer our customers  efficient systematized production tools and equipment.

Responding forcefully with flexible thinking and a speedy response time to many difficult problems has allowed us to receive praise from many of our customers.

Since the company's founding in 1963, our hope is you will always want to be with a company that provides equipment solutions and creative enterprise systems that are loved by customers, one and all.

From March 2012, we are having a new start, so, the Fujishoko Machinery Co., Ltd. is responsible for sales  with Fujishoko Co., Ltd. responsible for manufacturing.

We will be working toward being the best in the business now and in the future. We look forward to furthering our support and guidance.



Company profile

Corporate name Fujishoko Machinery Co., Ltd.
Capital JPY55,000,000
Establishment 2006
Bankers Sumitomo Mistui Banking Corporation  Nakamurabashi Branch/Nerima Branch/Niizashiki Branch
Mizuho Bank  Washinomiya Branch/Nerimafujimidai Branch
The Sugamo Shinkin Bank  Nerima Branch/Niiza branch
Saitama Resona Bank  Niiza Branch
Officers President               Takashi Takagi
Senior Managing Director        Masakazu Kameyama
Director                 Yasunori Hayashi
Auditor                  Itsuko Takagi
Business Description Manufacture and sales of Fuji Ace Cutter and peripheral equipment
Manufacture and sales of Dying press machines amd andperipheral equipment
Manufacture and sale of various equipment Tech converter
Manufacture and sale of nursing care
Manufacture and sale of precision electronic equipment
Industrial Property Gets the number of utility model/patents  47
Get the number of design registration  18
Get the number of trademark registration  7
Number of patent and utility model application  30
<Head Office
Saitama factory 
East Japan Sales Division>
 〒352-0011 Niiza Nobidome 2-5-34, Saitama
   TEL:048-482-4333 FAX:048-482-4332
<Osaka branch 
 West Japan Sales Division>
 〒567-0851 Masago 3-18-20 Ibaraki, Osaka
 TEL:072-636-5555 FAX:072-636-5757
Associated company 富士商工精密機械(香港)有限公司   香港九龍青山道76-82號西九龍商務中心三樓307号鋪

富士商工精密机械(深?)有限公司   広東省深?市福田区八卦四路12号利嘉大厦5楼西区S座
                   TEL:86-755-2584-4367  FAX:86-755-2584-5264


May, 1963
Established in the capital for 500,000 yen, trade name:"Fujishoko Co., Ltd." Address: 2-4, Nerima-ku, Tokyo Toyotamanaka as the main material handling machinery and tools: Kunio
           Saotome founder.
Automatic feed press machine developed and started selling.
May, 1971
Developed the "Fuji Ace Cutter" automatic cutting machine and started selling.
October, 1973
New building completed in Nerima Nakamurakita, start business.
January, 1984
Developed the "Fuji Ace Cutter" visceral microcomputer automatic cutting machine and started selling.
May, 1988
Ibaraki City, Osaka, opened  Osaka branch
November, 1988
Developed the "Salt Checker" electronic salinometer and started selling.
May, 1995
Developed UDP series, Dying machine and started selling.
September, 1998
Technical Center completion in Wako, Saitama. Transfer the Technology Division.
May, 2002
40 anniversary of establishment.
April, 2004
Completed Saitama factory in Niiza, Saitama. Transfer the technology division and sales division.
April, 2004
Division established  "barrier free" as part of its social welfare within the Technical Center in Wako.
January, 2005
Started sales of bathing equipment for nursing care.
April, 2006
By dividing the sales division, established the "Fujishoko Machinery Co., Ltd." sales company. 55,000,000 yen capital.
June, 2006
Became certified as a business specific inspection of Power Press from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
July, 2007
"Fujishoko Co., Ltd." is a wholly owned subsidiary of "Fujishoko Machinery Co., Ltd.".
January, 2008
Certification of ISO 9001:2000.
August, 2010
Appointed as President and Representative Director Takashi Takagi.
February, 2011
Established a branch"Fuji Shoko Machiney(HK) Co.,Ltd." in HK
To a wholly owned subsidiary of "Fujishoko Machinery Co., Ltd.".
March, 2012
Fujishoko Co.,Ltd. Merger with a subsidiary, Fujishoko Machinery Co., Ltd. Has become a manufacturing and sales company.



Fujishoko Machinery Co., Ltd. Head Office/East Japan Sales Division/Saitama factory

〒352-0011 Niiza Nobidome 2-5-34, Saitama
TEL:048-482-4333 FAX:048-482-4332



Fujishoko Machinery Co., Ltd. West Japan Sales Division/Osaka branch

〒567-0851  Masago 3-18-20 Ibaraki, Osaka
TEL:072-636-5555 FAX:072-636-5757



Privacy policy

Personal Information collected or has acquired, we would like to explain the basic policy and the handling of personal information including the purpose of use, held by the Company.

1. About our basic stance for a personal information.
The Company in order to respect the spirit of the Personal Information Protection Act, to comply with this established the "personal information protection regulations" "Privacy Policy", establishes a management system for the protection of personal information according to the actual business, handle carefully and properly in accordance with internal regulations.

2. About acquisition and collection of personal information.

The Company has formulated regulations in our acquisition of personal information, use and offer, personal information will be handled appropriately based on this architecture.

3. About use of all personal information held by.
Personal information that we have held, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations, in our service, use the following for such purposes.
Answers to inquiries/Record and organize the content that you accept and process inquiries/Improve service to customers/Information and referral services, etc. that might be useful to customers/Analyze the use of services from the statistics can not identify you personally, and statistics, make the development of new services, the improvement of existing services.

4. About measures for the protection of personal information.
Personal information held by the Company, as set forth by our safety control measures, necessary security measures have been taken. In addition, for our employees, regularly conduct education and training for the protection of personal information, the management of personal information held is for the sake of completeness.

5. About providing and disclosure of personal information to third parties
We will not disclose your personal information to third parties without the permission of the person in question expect as provided by laws and regulations.  Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations in accordance, done within the scope of the purpose of the collection and use.

6. About inquiries the disclosure and correction of personal information
Disclosure, correction, add, remove, stop using amd clear claims of personal information held by company (hereinafter referred to as confirmation), as long as the person of your personal information in principle, company in accordance with the procedures prescribed in the reasonable range, which are available upon without delay.

7. About delete and erase personal information
After one year from the end of your transaction (in the case of who do not have dealings after available), we will delete your personal information.
However, if it is deemed necessary at the discretion of the company,
We may want to remove your personal information even within the deadline without pbtaining the consent of the customer.


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